Outreach Resources

"Now please do not get confused between activity and spiritual life.

I have never seen so much activity before in my entire life. Program after program, activity after activity, potluck after potluck, and I'm just going around and asking one question: Who of you is still sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, anymore?

It certainly says in scripture that if we don't do what's good, its sin. We don't have an option, we have a command, the Great Commission.

The Great Commission is an emphatic go and one of the difficulties in the church today is that we aren't going ... anywhere.

We can't be fooled by large churches, because some of them are basically transfer growth.

Most churches today when I travel around the world, regardless of denomination, never more than 10% have ever shared their faith in the last year. So another tender way of putting that is that at least 90% of those who call themselves born-again Christians are in the Sin of Silence."

--- Bill Fay

Instructional Materials and Programs

Personal Evangelism - A booklet for evangelism training (Right click on link and select "Save target as", file size is about 450K)
        Gospel Presentation - a 24 minute Real Audio file that accompanies the above booklet


Evangelism Toolbox - massive amount of resources available here

Fish the Net - the evangelistic tacklebox

How Can I Share My Faith Without An Argument? - excellent on-line booklet by Bill Fay

Share Jesus Workshop - Workshop related to pamphlet above.

Evangelism Explosion International - great structured program

Web Presentations

"Two Ways To Live" - excellent presentation.

Tracts and Videos

Chick Tracts - Favorite tracts (most titles are great, although several are pretty off the wall - choose with care)

Ray Comfort / Living Waters Publications - "Hell's Best Kept Secret" great video and audio teaching tapes, very radical and current tracts, books

American Tract Society

Sheep Trax


Intervarsity Dramas


Center for Parent Youth Understanding - Helping parents understand youth today


Saints Alive

Walter Martin - The original "Bible Answer Man" - cult expert, author of "Kingdom of the Cults"

JW Info Line

How to Identify a Dangerous Religious Group - online booklet

New Believers

New Believer's online Bible study


Youth With A Mission - Largest world missions group

Operation Mobilization - Great international mission group not well known in America. Has two large mission ships as well as great outreach to the Muslim world.

Operation World - Daily prayer and information for the nations

Directories - lots and lots of links

Books Online - from the Open Directory

Tracts - from the Open Directory

Training - from the Open Directory

My Faith - more evangelism links

TV Spots

These excellent very short TV commercials are "remote-proof" - the message gets across before the watcher has a chance to change the channel on the remote control!  But from a somewhat controversial pastor.  Requires Real Player.

  Jesus: The way, the truth, and the life

  Jesus can turn around a bad situation for the good

  What if there really was a God?

  You don't have to be alone anymore

  God can handle any situation